Allegheny, Greene,  Armstrong/Indiana, Washington & Westmoreland Counties

Job Support Services

Working in one's own community is key to independence.  We at The Tasselli Group agree that having a job is a big confidence builder. The sense of pride an individual can feel in their daily accomplishments at work is a huge success.  We support our clients through every stage of this process.  

People with Disability

Job Preparedness Training

Our job preparedness training teaches clients the skills to be successful in a job placement.  Our clients learn to prepare a resume, how to have a successful interview, time management and appropriate behavior in the workplace.

On-the-Job Training

Our job coaches will accompany clients to work to assist with appropriate behavior and learning the skills necessary to be successful.

Job Placement

Our skilled placement specialists contact businesses in the community where our clients live in order to maintain the feeling of community and independence.  We feel it is important for individuals to work close to where they live.  We are dedicated to the search and appropriate placement of our clients.  We will work closely with any businesses willing to support our clients in order to ensure success for both the client and the business.